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  • Application Software
  • BPChecker3000
  • Compatible with PFX2532/2512

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Comprehensive management from test condition setting to execution and data analysis on test results.


The application software, BPChecker3000 (SD007-PFX), equips with the new features of PFX2512/2532 where test condition and graphical drawing function are emphasized on existing BPChecker2000, and it realizes [Seamless Charge/Discharge] and [High Speed Data Sampling]. At the test condition setting, the test condition (project) is created from database compiled charge/discharge condition (profile).The test execution shows that graphical display function is emphasized in its extraction and overwriting functions for larger data integration.

In addition, synchronized operation with a temperature chambers is capable and the charge/discharge test is comprehensively controlled including temperature control under test environment. Further more, it can be applied to the operation with [CAN Bus] for which demand will be increased accompanied by the technical development of battery management in future.

[Caution] BPChecker3000 is essential for PFX2512/2532 performance. PFX2512/2532 does not work with BPChecker2000.

Test Condition Editor

Program Structure
Test Condition Editor

This program is used to create and edit all of test conditions related to charge/discharge testing. After profile creation, sequence and total settings, etc, are performed to create a project. BPChecker3000 executes the test by the project.

  • Capable of setting battery temperature termination conditions (rest temp)
    For stop time setting, it is capable to set termination conditions by battery temperature in addition to time setting (fixed time) determined after charge.
  • Pause function installed
    There is the pause function among profile types. Test is able to be paused by using this function.
Preparation of profile
Setting total project
Sequence setting

Test Executive

This program executes charge/discharge tests according to the test condition file created using the Test Condition Editor.

Test Executive
Test Executive

Graph Viewer

This program is used to display the graph of test data on the screen and print the graph. When the Graph Viewer is used, overall analysis is capable to display the calculated value acquired from the test data, and from test data for energy, etc, test conditions in addition to test data graph. The Graph Viewer also able to display overlapped graphs where multiple numbers of graphs are on the screen into one.

Graph Viewer-1
Graph Viewer-2
Graph Viewer-3
Graph Viewer-4

Recommended operating environment

  • OS:Windows7(x86, x64), Windows 8.2(x86, x64), Windows10(x86, x64)
  • OS language: Japanse or Engish
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB or greater
  • HD drive : 1 GB of free space or more required for installation; 10 GB of free space or more recommended for data
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Display monitor: must be capable of a minimum resolution of 1280 X 1024 or better
  • RS232C, USB, or LAN (depending on the interface to use)
  • Printer : Compatible with the OS used
  • The thermostatic chambers that can be controlled via Espec Corp.’s protocol converter/USB-RS485 converter.
  • VISA library : NI-VISA 3.3 or later, Agilent I/O Libraries Suite 15.0 or later , or KI-VISA 3.1.3 or later


Operation Manuals

SD007-PFX BPC3000 v2

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