Ultra-Compact AC/DC Programmable Power SupplyPCR-WEA/WEA2 Series

PWM Inverter Type – Programmable AC Power Supply The PCR-WEA/WEA2 Series brings new innovations to the power-electronics industry.

The PCR-WEA/WEA2 is a series of multifunctional switching AC power supplies that combines accurate, high-power output with an ultra-compact design. The 15 model line-up ranges from 1 kVA to 36 kVA AC/DC with single & 3-phase variable output from 6 kVA and up. The PCR-WEA2 also features a regenerative mode*1 that can drastically reduce power consumption and cut operating costs. The PCR-WEA2/WEA2R also supports mix-and-match parallel operation*2 up to 144kVA for large-scale test systems. Output frequency up to 5kHz is also available with all models, which is critical for AC applications in avionic industries.*1 Only “R” models (PCR-WEA2R) with 3-phase 200 V/400 V input. For regeneration within the installation site only. *2 Parallel operation is available for 6 kVA models and up, with a maximum of 4 units. Same model combination is not required.


Compact Size!

Compact Size!

Compared to our previous PWM models, the size of the PCR-WEA has been drastically reduced by 60%. Efficiency has also been increased by approximately 7%, for an overall high efficiency of approximately 85%.

Approx. 63% smaller size


Significantly more compact than Previous model*.The larger the capacity model, the greater the effect of space saving.* PCR-W/W2 series

Approx. 64% lighter

Approx. 64% lighter

The PCR-WEA/WEA2 series 6KVA models have a space-saving design that can fit in a rack (6U), while conventional models require more space for installation.

Approx. 7% higher efficiency

Approx. 7% higher efficiency

By adopting the PWM inverter method for the power unit part, a high efficiency of 85% was achieved.

The never-ending evolution of power supplies! PCR-WEA/WEA2 Series

5 points of evolution

ModelPCR-WE/WE2 SeriesPCR-WEA/WEA2 Series
FirmwareVer 1.24Ver 3.12 or later
Basic functionOutput voltage
155/310 Vrms
±219/438 Vdc
Output voltage
160/320 Vrms
±226/452 Vdc
Applied functionsSame value regardless of the lower limit
response setting for output impedance
(reactance component).
Lower limit of output impedance (reactance component)
FAST : reduced by 50 %
MED : no change
SLOW : 3x
InterfaceNoneAddition of analog monitor output option (factory option)
*On PCR6000WEA and higher models, analog monitor output (factory option) is possible.

Built-in parallel operation driver software!
Easy parallel operation with a single connection cable.

The PCR-WEA/WEA2 series can be easily configured in a parallel connection with a single cable * per connection for all models 6kVA and above. This cable can be used in synchronization with a power-interlock cable* to control the ON/OFF status of master/slave units. * Optional

Up to 144 kVA with Parallel Operation

Mix-and-match parallel operation

Parallel operation is possible with a maximum of four units of 6kVA or higher models, and different models can be combined as long as they have the same input voltage.

Example of the combined system using same models

CapacityModelQtyParallel operation cableQtyPower-sync cableQty

PCR36000WEA2R 4 units, example of 144 kVA

The figure below is a conceptual diagram. Power wiring etc. are also required for system build up. Please consult your local Kikusui distributor.

Example of the combined system using different models

60 kVA
Parallel-operation system

*The figure below is a conceptual diagram. Power wiring etc. are also required for system build up. Please consult your local Kikusui distributor.

The figure below is a conceptual diagram. Power wiring etc. are also required for system build up. Please consult your local Kikusui distributor.

100% Regeneration Capability, No Time Limit

100% Regeneration Capability

The PCR-WEA2R models are capable of 100% power regeneration. The power regeneration feature is available with absolutely no reverse load flow time limit. (30% for PCR-LE/LE2)* Regeneration is limited within installation site. Only available in “R” models (PCR-WEA2R) with 3-phase 200 V/400 V input.

Power Saving Mode * 6kA models and higher

Power Saving Mode

Sleep mode

If the PCR-WEA/WEA2 does not detect output for a certain amount of time, the power unit will go into “sleep mode” and cut power consumption.

Power-saving mode

The power-saving feature allows the PCR-WEA to cut the costs of operation by drawing power from only the necessary power modules required to reach the output setting.

Low Ripple Noise

Achieves an extremely low switching noise for a PWM inverter-type AC power supply, with ripple noise as low as 0.25 Vrms. The PCR-WEA series even boasts similar noise performance with the PCR-LE/LE2 linear amplifier power supply series. The compact, high-power design of the PCR-WEA/WEA2 has been achieved with absolutely no compromises to ripple noise performance.

DC Output 100% of Rated Power

The PCR-WEA/WEA2 series enables DC output up to 100% of the AC rated power output.

DC Output 100% of Rated Power

LAN, USB, RS232C Standard Digital Interface

The PCR-WEA/WEA2 series includes a flexible digital interface for users utilizing LAN, USB, and RS232C communication interfaces (GPIB option available). LAN connection is LXI compliant, allowing you to monitor and control your device wherever you are via computer, smartphone, or tablet web browser. This feature is particularly important when conducting critical AC tests in anechoic chambers/shield rooms. Additionally, the PCR-WEA can be controlled directly with easy remote-control software for customers with limitations in external communication.

Wired LAN connection (optical cable)
Wired LAN connection (optical cable)

Wireless LAN connection
Wireless LAN connection

Power Line Error Simulation

The PCR-WEA/WEA2 series can simulate various power line abnormalities such as power outages, voltage drops (dips) and voltage increases (pops). This feature is useful for the testing of power-source switches and various electronic devices.

Power Line Error Simulation

Output Frequency up to 5 kHz

It has a maximum output frequency up to 5 kHz for critical applications in the defense and avionics industries.

The frequency performance of the PCR-WEA allows for simulation of sharp voltage fluctuations required for airborne electronic equipment testing. Furthermore, the compact 6kVA/6U form factor allows for the easy preparation of an automated, one-rack testing system without requiring a costly, specialized power source installation space.

Easily perform MIL-STD-704 and DO-160 testing

Modular design allows for simple maintenance

Each separate power module can be removed and replaced for maintenance and calibration.

*For models 6kVA and higher

Analog Monitor Output (option)

Instantaneous voltage / current values can be output as voltage wave- forms without using a differential probe or current sensor.
It is also possible to output the instantaneous value of the power value.
*6 kVA models and higher

Analog Monitor Output (option)


For Standard Compliance Testing

Related to IEC61000 standard

IEC61000-4-11Voltage dipping, instantaneous power failure and voltage variation
IEC61000-4-13Higher harmonics wave/interharmonic wave
IEC61000-4-14Voltage swing
IEC61000-4-27Unbalance in units
IEC61000-4-28Variation in power-supply frequency for units with 16 A/phase
IEC61000-4-34Voltage drop(dip), instantaneous power failure and voltage variation
for units with input current exceeding 16 A/phase
IEC61000-4-17Ripple at the DC input power terminal
IEC61000-4-29Voltage drop(dip), instantaneous power failure and voltage variation
in DC *2
IEC61000-3-2,12Harmonic electric current limit level
IEC61000-3-3,11Voltage fluctuation, Flicker limit level

This system can simulate various conditions of phenomena occurring in AC power environments. It can be used for immunity tests of electri- cal and electronic devices, which are connected to a low-voltage distri- bution system, or which have DC power input ports, under the standard conditions as specified to the right. The test conditions can be set outside the standard range, allowing the system to be used for prelim- inary tests prior to standard tests, immunity-margin tests, and stress tests.

The KHA3000 harmonic/flicker analyzer combines a PCR-WEA/WEA2 Series AC power supply, LIN Series line- impedance network*1, DSI series IEC dip simulator and application software(Refer to pg.8), allowing tests that conform to IEC standards and JIS standards.
*1 Specially made to order *2 Designed for preliminary test purposes.

For Testing of the EV Charging System

For Testing of the EV Charging System

There are two types of charging for EVs/PHEVs: fast charging, which uses direct current, and normal charging, which uses an outlet at home.
The PCR-WEA2/WE2R series can be used not only for low-voltage distribution system testing, but also for high-voltage and large-capacity DC output simulation.

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