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Search for instruction manuals for currently available products.

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2D CAD data of products can be searched.

2D Cad Data


Software Updates / Firmware Updates

Software Updates

Updating product software (paid or free)

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Firmware Updates

Firmware Updater for Kikusui Electronics Products

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Programming Resources / Various Drivers / Sample Codes

Common library for Kikusui application software

  • VISA absorbs the differences among communication interfaces such as GPIB/RS232C/LAN, making programming easier.
  • When creating a program that communicates with our products via USB connection, VISA is required as a USB communication driver. (VISA from other manufacturers can also be used in the same way)

This is a common library required to use our application software. If the version bundled with your product is outdated, please download it from here.


Applications and Samples

  • This is a sample project that contains code for basic operations such as sending commands, getting query messages, and resource names (addresses to which the instruments are connected).
  • It uses standard VISA COM functions, so you can choose any model to control.
  • Documentation is included.

Sample Code

IVI Drivers

  • This is a dedicated driver for each model, and must be imported to be used with LabVIEW.
  • Sample vi is provided for some models. (You can check them after importing).
  • The Import Wizard for LabVIEW can be downloaded from the link below. (Go to NI’s website)

IVI-COM Multi-Environment Drivers


This is a guidebook that shows the elementary programming procedures using IVI instrument drivers.

Programming Guidebooks


FAQ (PDF) about IVI instrument drivers.


Technical Data

DC Power Supplies

Technical data of DC power supplies are available.

DC Power Supplies (Technical Data)


AC Power Supplies

Technical data of AC Power supplies are available.

AC Power Supplies (Technical Data)


Electrical Safety Testers

Technical data of Electrical safety testers are available. Please make use of them!

Electrical Safety Testers (Technical Data)


Wavy Free trials

Wavy Free trials


The sequence creation software “Wavy” is a software to support the creation of sequences for Kikusui’s power supply and load equipment. This is a free trial version that allows you to use all functions for three weeks.

Wavy Free trials

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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