EMC Testers

EMC Testers

EMC Test System for Automotive Electronics

The KES7000 System is a conductive immunity test system that is fully compliant with ISO7637-2 and ISO7637-3, international standards for EMC testing required for automotive electronic components. This system consists of the KES7700 Series Transient Surge Tester, KES7400A Series Voltage variation simulator and KES7100 application software dedicated to the KES7000 system. This product configuration supports JASO standards and the special test requirements of car manufacturers with options or custom orders.


Transient surge tester

  • module system
  • Support for proprietary standards

KES7700 series

  • Fully complies with ISO7637-2.2011,ISO7637-3.2007,ISO16750-2.2010.
  • Load dump suppressor for pulse 5b
  • Compact frame by module system
  • Output terminals provided at a height of 50mm above the floor level as specified in the ISO 7637-2 standard
  • Two types of CDNs available (60 V/50 A and 60 V/100 A)
  • Dedicated software for condition setting and tester control
  • JASO D001-94 pulse unit offered as an optional module.* For information about support for individual car manufacturers’ standards, please consult with us.

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JASO D001-94 プラグインタイプ
  • Unit compliant with JASO D001-94 standard

JASO D001-94 pulse unit

  • JASO standards are automotive standards established by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan. For environment tests, “D001: General Rules of Environmental Testing Methods for Automotive Electronic Equipment” is most generally utilized. Pulse units for performing “transient voltage characteristics tests” in this standard are available as an option. This pulse unit can perform tests conforming to JASO D001 standards by connecting to mainframe KES7702/KES7703 testers.
  • Replacing a pulse unit makes it easy to comply with JASO standards.
  • Recurrence interval: Settings from a minimum of 5.0s are possible.

Application Software

  • the arbitrary waveform generation function

KES7100 – Application Software for KES7000 system

  • Up to 50 test conditions can be registered in a test execution list, and tests are carried out in accordance with the list.
  • For transient surge testing, up to seven types of pulse modules can be controlled.
  • For voltage variations testing, up to four testers can be controlled for synchronous operation by communicating with a single tester.
  • The result of the OK/NG judgment that the user makes at the end of each test can be saved in the execution list.
  • The created test execution list can be saved in a file along with comments.

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