Kikusui’s products have been used for power-supply environment testing such as immunity testing of electronic components.

The output voltage and frequency of KIKUSUI’s AC power supply can be freely set and changed. KIKUSUI’s AC power supplies are capable of setting and changing the output voltage and frequency at will, and can reproduce not only the power supply voltage of each country, but also special power supply environments such as aircraft. As a domestic power supply manufacturer, KIKUSUI provides a “low distortion” and “highly stable” power supply environment.

  • 6kVA in 6U
  • Up to 36kVA in a single unit
  • Up to 144kVA with Parallel Operation

Ultra-CompactAC/DC Power Supply (CV/CF)

  • Compact size: 6kVA in 6U (PCR6000WEA2/PCR6000WEA2R)
  • The 15 model line-up ranges from 1kVA to 36kVA
  • 100% Regenerative-power capability (Only “R” models (PCR-WEA2R))
  • Mix-and-match parallel operation up to 144kVA Same model set up is not required.
  • Achieves an extremely low switching noise for a PWM inverter-type AC power supply.
  • Power-saving function

PCR-WEA/WEA2 series Learn more

Ultra-Compact AC/DC Power Supply (CV/CF)
  • Compact
  • PWM inverter method

Compact AC Power Supply

  • Compact, switching AC power supply (PWM inverter method)
  • AC output: 0V to 155V / 0V to 310V at 40Hz to 500Hz
  • DC output: ±0V to 219V / ±0V to 438V
  • Peak currents three times the rated current supported (RMS value)
  • LAN and USB standard digital inerface (GPIB option)

PCR-MA series Learn more

Compact AC Power Supply
  • A high-speed linear amp
  • Capable of various power line abnormality simulations

High-performance multifunctionalAC Power Supplies

  • High-quality/high-stability output with a high-speed linear amp
  • Capable of various power line abnormality simulations and sequence operation
  • Single-phase 500VA to 9kVA, supporting the system for the single-phase, and expandable with optional drivers for the single-phase three-wire, and three-phase operation
  • Equipped with various measuring functions
  • Features a full range of measuring functions and supports AC, DC, and AC + DC Outputs
  • Eco-friendly function equipped
  • *Some products Discontinued/ Limited Stock

PCR-LE/LE2 series Learn more

High-performance multifunctional AC Power Supplies

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