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600,000 (税込:660,000

  • Capable of high-precision measurement of cumulative capacities and amount of power as well as voltage and current
  • Pattern charging/discharging capabilities by 10000 steps are installed (for PFX2512, 2532)
  • Supporting temperature measurement and capable of monitoring temperatures during charging/discharging
  • Fully equipped with safety features of the overcharge protection using voltage, electric charge and temperature
  • Battery deterioration is prevented by turning off the output after detecting wobbling and shock with vibration sensor
  • Capable of seamless charging/discharging (high speed charging/discharging transfer control) (for PFX2512, 2532)
  • High speed sampling with maximum 1 ms can be realized (for PFX2512, 2532)
  • A 6 V range is newly installed and is capable of high-precision measurement (for PFX2512, 2532)
  • LAN as standard equipment (for PFX2512, 2532)

*In addition to this product, a DC power supply, an electronic load, and a PC are required for system configuration.

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