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  • BASIC Edition (2ch limited edition) is included in PFX2511
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BPChecker2000 enables you to set conditions for battery charging/discharging characteristic tests, run the tests, and analyzes test results using a PC. Capable of controlling two 120-channel control units (PFX2121) via the PC’s USB ports, BPChecker2000 can exert control over up to 240 charging/ discharging power supply channels. By adding an impedance measurement unit (PFX2211), you can measure impedance of up to 120 charging/discharging power supply channels that are connected to the same control unit. Furthermore, if your PC supports the GPIB communication environment, you can have Espec Corp.’s thermostatic chambers externally controlled so that tests can be conducted in sync hroniz ation with the temperature inside the chambers.

Program Structure

Test Condition Editor

This program lets you create and edit all conditions related to charging/discharging testing. A total of 15 sheets of test condition data can be created, with each sheet specifying both charging and discharging conditions. It is also possible to set the number of times (repeats) that an individual sheet is to be repeated to form a particular charging/discharging cycle, as well as the number of times (loops) that the entire set of sheets is to be repeated.

Test Condition Editor (Charge)

Test Condition Editor (Discharge)

Test Executive

This program executes charging/discharging tests according to the test condition file created with Test Condition Editor. It starts and stops the test and monitors the test execution. The program provides a real – time graphic representation of the per-channel charging/discharging trends.

Test Executive

Graph Viewer

This program displays the test data, created with Test Executive, in a graph on the screen and lets you print it. It offers a graphic representation of the charging/discharging data of each cycle. You can display up to 99 sets of data overlaid one another and perform statistical processing.

Graph Viewer

Hardware Configuration Wizard

This program detects the charging/discharging power supply units connected to the control unit and lets you configure the connection environment of other hardware devices (impedance measurement unit, thermostatic chamber, etc.).

Group Administrator

This program creates and deletes groups for performing the tests.

Recommended Operating Environment

  • OS:Windows 7(x86/x64), 8.1(x86/x64)
  • CPU:Pentium IV 1GHz or faster
  • Memory : 512 MB or more
  • HD drive : 50 MB of free space or more required for installation; 10 GB of free space or more recommended for data
  • CD-ROM drive : Required for installing the applications
  • Mouse : Required
  • Display resolution : 1280 × 1024 or more
  • Printer : Compatible with Windows
  • No. of USB ports : More free USB ports than the number of control units to be used

Thermostatic Chamber Control

  • The thermostatic chambers that can be controlled via Espec Corp.’s protocol converter/USB-RS485 converter.
  • VISA library : NI-VISA 3.3 or later, Agilent I/O Libraries Suite 15.0 or later , or KI-VISA 3.1.3 or later


Operation Manuals

BPChecker2000 (PFX2000) (SD002) VER.3.1

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