Ground Bond Tester



380,000 (税込:418,000

  • Test current value: 6 A to 60 A AC / Resistance value: 0.001 Ω to 0.600 Ω
  • Voltage drop-based judgment function
  • Offset cancelling function
  • Stores 100 test conditions in memory
  • Incorporates test conditions into program
  • Contact check function
  • Equipped with standard GPIB and RS232C interfaces
  • Equipped with standard test lead (TL12-TOS)

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Test up to 60 A is possible!

While inheriting the basic performance and functions of its predecessor (TOS6200), such as a constant current driving system that provides current waveforms with little skew and high measurement accuracy, the TOS6210 tester extends the maximum test current from 30 A to 60 A, which is demanded by the new standard. In addition, the tester also lets you judge the acceptability of the device under test based on the drop in voltage, as required in the standard. What’s more, you can preset test conditions of up to 20 different types of safety standards, such as those for information technology equipment, home appliances, medical devices, and measuring instruments, in the memory on the main unit’s panel. A simple memory call operation allows you to set up a protective earth or protective bonding continuity test as stipulated in UL60950-1 and other relevant specifications including IEC and JIS standards. The tester also features a set of functions that meet the specific needs of testing personnel, such as an offset cancellation function and a memo function that allows you to input calibration dates, production numbers, and other test-frelated information and read the input information later via the GPIB or RS232C interface.



Pin Configuration for the SIGNAL I/O Connector

Pin Configuration for the SIGNAL I/O Connector


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