Ground Bond Tester



250,000 (税込:275,000

  • Test current value: 3 A to 30 A AC / Resistance value: 0.001 Ω to 1.200 Ω
  • Offset cancelling function
  • Stores 100 test conditions in memory
  • Incorporates test conditions into program
  • Contact check function
  • Equipped with standard GPIB and RS232C interfaces
  • GPIB, RS232C standard equipment
  • Equipped with standard test lead (TL11-TOS)


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Pursuing to maximize an easy operation, stylish design of Ground Bond Tester

The TOS6200A is designed to perform the ground bond tests required for class-I devices by safety standards such as IEC, EN, VDE, BS, UL, JIS, and the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Low (Japan). Equipped with a new high-efficiency power supply, it is compact and lightweight, about half the size and weight of our conventional products, while achieving a large output of 150 VA. Use of the constant current method eliminates the need to reset test currents even in the face of fluctuating resistance values for the device being tested. The test duration can also be set from 0.3 s, making the tester suitable for production line testing, which requires reduced cycle time.

This tester is also designed for ease of use, featuring a large, easy-to-read display, memory capacity for storage of 100 types of test conditions, and incorporation of test conditions into programs to enable automatic testing. The standard equipped GPIB and RS232C interfaces allow the user to use PCs or other devices to control test conditions such as test current, resistance value for judgement, and test duration, and enables read-back of measured values and test results.

Remarks: Major changes

Model(New) TOS6200A(Old) TOS6200
Panel ChangesTOS6200ATOS6200
Input voltage range85V - 250V85V - 132V or 170V - 250V
The maximum power consumption280VA450VA (100V model)
330VA (100V/200V model)



Pin Configuration for the SIGNAL I/O Connector

Pin Configuration for the SIGNAL I/O Connector


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