KRC1603L (Production item upon order)


410,000 (税込:451,000

  • The KRC series is a multifunctional decorative rack that is based on a steel cabinet rack and designed to allow the attachment of various rack options. In addition to having models that meet two different standards (JIS and EIA) and being available in two overall heights (1,835 mm and 1,435 mm), this series comes in depths of 800 mm and 950 mm (two types), giving it eight models in all. Also, additional support angles (two types), base fittings and suspension eyebolts are available as separately sold options.

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Rack Mount

Various Kikusui products can be easily mounted in a rack by using a bracket and rack mount frame, rack adaptor, etc. JIS standards (millimeter size) and EIA standards (inch size) racks are available. Brackets and rack mount frames, rack adaptors, etc. applicable to each type are also available. Since the width of one panel is 50mm for JIS Standards and 44.45mm for EIA Standards, the bracket and rack mount frame, etc. of the panel width matched to the product body are selected based on one panel width.

ModelPay load weightNumber of panelsOverall heightWeightThe length for maximum surfaceSupport angleSupport leveler
KRC363LApprox. 3003618359595012 (6 pairs)4
KRC273L2714358510 (5 pairs)
KRC363★3618359080012 (6 pairs)
KRC273★2714357510 (5 pairs)
KRC1603★3218359080012 (6 pairs)
KRC1203★2414357580010 (5 pairs)

★Production item upon order


Support angle

Support angle for KRC Series 19″ Decorative racks. The OP01-KRC are equivalent to the support angles incorporated into the main rack unit. They come in a two-item (1-pair) set. When the product weight exceeds 70 kg, use a weight support angle (OP02-KRC).

Base hold angle

Base hold angle for KRC Series 19″ Decorative racks. These L-shaped fittings (OP03-KRC) secure the base of the rack to the floor. The set includes four main fitting components and the bolts and nuts that secure the fittings to the bases.


Eyebolt for KRC Series 19″ Decorative racks. These eyebolts (OP04-KRC) are specially made for the KRC series. The set includes four M12 eyebolts.


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