25,000 (税込:27,500

  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • Can be used with Windows Vista/XP/2000.
  • Operates using bus power. Requires no AC adapter.
  • Bus power operation. No AC adapter required.
  • Allows read-back of output values and status monitoring.
  • Can control up to 32*1 DC power supplies that equip TP-BUS*2. (Different power supply models can be combined.) TP-BUS connection can be extended up to 200 m.

*1 The maximum controlable units are 31 when the connections include PAM series or PMR series unit. *2 TP-BUS (Twist-Pair BUS) is an original Kikusui interface.

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The PIA4850 is a power supply controller with USB interface to control Kikusui DC power supply with TP-BUS. PAS Series, PWR Series or other models that equips TP-BUS can be digitaly controled by PC, as well as for read-back of output values and status monitoring. It operates using bus power and with its simple system and compact structure, you can use whenever you need with easy setup.

Includes a magnet sheet, daisy-chain connection

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PIA4850 Recommendation Check

Sequence Creation Software Wavy

Wavy for PAS & PWR

This software supports to create and execute sequences of DC power supply. Sequences can be created and edited by drawing with the mouse or by inputting in a spreadsheet.
* Only one power supply can be controlled by Wavy.

  • Easily create and edit the test conditions data for sequence operation.
  • Easily manage test conditions template using the function for saving test condition data files.
  • The execution graph function displays the execution status as a cursor on the settings graph, and can be used to verify the progress of the execution sequence.
  • Easy to monitor the actual output using the monitor graph function that plots the monitored output values during test execution.
  • The acquired monitor data can be saved as the test results.

Tryouts: Wavy for PAS & PWR

Example of use: Basic Operation / Applications / Additional Function

Basic Operation: Simple is best! For simple and straightforward operation.

Basic Operation

Applications: For controlling multiple power supplies (even different models) together.


Additional Function: For connecting an external analog control-type power supply (without TP-BUS).

Additional Function

PIA4850 Q&A

Are there restrictions on the power supplies that can be connected?

If the power supplies equip the Kikusui digital interface (TP-BUS), then up to 32 units may be connected. (The maximum is 31 for PMR and PAM units.)

Is it possible to control power supplies that do not equip TP-BUS?

For power supplies that do not equip TP-BUS, control from the control board (OP01-PIA or OP02-PIA) is possible by connecting the expansion unit (PIA4820).

Are there restrictions on the PC that is connected?

A PC with a USB interface and running one of the following OS is required.

  • Win2k Professional (SP4 or later)
  • WinXP Professional (SP2 or later, 32-bit versions)
  • Vista Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate (32-bit versions)

What else is required besides the power supply (with PT-BUS) and PIA4850?

None. Everything is supplied.

Are there restrictions on the locations where the PIA4850 can be installed?

The unit must be installed within the range of the USB cable. The TP-BUS cable that is connected to the power supply(ies) can be extended to a maximum length of 200 m.

For digital control, is it necessary to perform calibration for the combination with the connected power supply(ies), or to make environment settings?

If the power supply equips TP-BUS, only the node address (identifying number) must be specified. No calibration for the combination is required.

What kinds of commands are used to perform power control?

The commands vary depending on the power supply that is being controlled. The commands are listed in the instruction manual that was provided with the power supply unit. The instruction manuals can also be viewed at the Kikusui website.

What is the communications speed? (How much time is required for one command?)

The control time varies depending on the power supply that is being controlled, and also on the number of controlled power supplies and the PC performance. As an example, when controlling one PWR series unit, approximately 100 ms are required in order to send the command and start operation of the device.

Is it possible to operate devices other than Kikusui VISA?

The PIA4850 conforms to USBTMC specifications. VISA from other companies that include compatible drivers can also be operated.

* USBTMC stands for USB Test & Measurement Class.


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