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  • Voltage/thermometer unit
  • PFX2511

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Integrated management from test condition setting to execution and data analysis of test results.

When monitoring the status of each cell of the battery pack is required, install the optional voltage/thermometer unit OP01-PFX/OP02-PFX. By installing OP01-PFX on PFX2511 and by installing OP02-PFX on PFX2512/2532, voltages/temperatures for four cells are able to be monitored/logged with one sheet, respectively. (Up to 3 boards can be installed.)For a battery pack connected in series,monitoring of balance among cells is important. With OP01-PFX, the charge and discharge control can be stopped according to the status of each cell.In addition, it is equipped with a function to stop charge and discharge when the balance beteen the cells in the battery pack becomes large (maximum voltage – minimum voltage). Furthermore, at the time of pulse discharge, voltage can be measured at the same time as the synchronization of all cells for load fluctuations.


Expanded features

  • Monitor data: Cell voltage, cell temperature, cell high voltage*1 and cell low voltage*1
  • Charge stop conditions: Cell voltage, cell temperature and potential difference among cells
  • Discharge stop conditions: Cell voltage and potential difference among cells, cell temperature
  • Protective functions: Cell voltage, cell temperature and potential difference among cells

*1 Pulse discharge only. OP01-PFX only

Restricted functions

  • The maximum number of channels that 1 unit of personal computer can control is 5 ch.


Operation Manuals


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