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  • The device is designed to perform high-voltage tests on avionics equipment. Thanks to the built-in step-up trans- former, it can handle 360 V DO-160 abnormal tests.
  • Maximum output voltage: 440 Vrms
  • Input voltage range: 100 V to 320 Vrms
  • Voltage conversion ratio: input [1], output [1.34]
  • Frequency range: 45 Hz to 1200 Hz
  • THRU mode: High-voltage tests and routine tests can be performed without reconnection.
  • The standard number of units in parallel: 2 units (12 kVA)※Please consult us if you would like to use more than two units.
  • Software control and the digital I/O ports used in the PCR-WEA series can be used without adjustments.
  • Voltage sensing function: In addition to the main unit’s sensing terminal, the voltage compensation function of the SD012 enables stable 360 V output even in the 800 Hz band.

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DO-160 AC 230 V system Surge Voltage 360 V test is possible!

The OT03-PCR-WEA high-voltage transformer is a step-up transformer that can be used with the PCR-WEA series and the SD012-PCR-LE/WE avionics test software. Depending on the wiring, a single unit with 4U and 6 kVA output can be used in a single-phase or three-phase configuration.

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Input power test system for onboard aircraft equipment

The input power supply test system for onboard aircraft equip- ment is a test system consisting of the AC power supply PCR- WEA series, the high-voltage transformer OT03-PCR-WEA, and the SD012-PCR-LE/WE avionics test software. The SD012- PCR-LE/WE can be used for various power input tests required by DO-160Section 16. Also, since the SD012-PCR-LE/WE in- cludes the defense standard MIL-STD-704E/F, it can be used to test both commercial and defense aircraft components. It offers a highly versatile, all-in-one testing environment.

  • Maximum capacity: AC 12 kVA / DC 12 kW
  • Compatible voltages: AC 115 V series / AC 230 V series
  • Wiring method: Switchable between single-phase and three-phase
  • Testable frequencies: DC / 400 Hz / 360 Hz to 650 Hz / 360 Hz to 800 Hz

※To use OT03-PCR-WEA, SD012-PCR-LE/WE Ver. 2.00 or later is required.
※When conducting the DO-160 Section 18 test, a separate bipolar power supply PBZ20-20A series is required.
※Please contact us for the MIL-STD-461 CS101 test.

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