640,000 (税込:704,000

  • Equipped with white noise generator and characteristic filter of ITU-T recommendation G.227 (characteristic filter can be turned on/off)
  • Ideal for measuring occupied bandwidth and spurious emission strength in modulated state of AM and SSB radios.
  • Pseudo-speech generator with built-in attenuator
  • Low frequency generation for modulation is possible. Frequency points are 900Hz, 1000Hz, 1250Hz, 1500Hz
  • Good S/N at balanced and small signal output (Noise resistant measurement is possible by connecting the signal output with differential)

What is myKIKUSUI?

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All-in-one package of audio signal generators for testing analog radios

The KSG3600 is a signal generator that can be used as a pseudo-speech source for the measurement of speech leakage in communication circuits or between call paths, etc. It generates a pseudo-speech spectrum using the characteristic filter (digital filter) of ITU-T recommendation G.227. The noise signal source is an M-sequence pseudo-random signal, which is the maximum length series using DSP. It generates stable pseudo-white noise, which is difficult to generate with analog circuits. The sine wave signal is generated by an NCO (numerically controlled oscillator).


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