Digital Power Meter



  • Measurement of the standby power consumption
  • High precision measurement-Basic accuracy of the Voltage, Current, Power ±(0.1% of reading + 0.1% of range)
  • The dedicated application software (free download from the Web site) enables you to control the KPM1000 through the PC as same as panel operation.
  • Displays 4 measuring items at the same time
  • Easy operation


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From very low power to high power, applies to the wide range of power measurements!!

The KPM1000 Digital Power Meter is a single-phase power measuring instrument that applies to the wide range of power measurements, from very low power during standby mode to high power during operation mode. It has a minimum power range of 750mW, with resolution of 0.01mW, and the basic accuracy of 0.1% of reading with guaranteed accuracy extending from 1% of the range while it realizes a wide dynamic range.

In recent years, eco-design regulations have been actively implemented in many countries, starting with Europe’s ErP Directive and including the United States’ Energy Star and Japan’s Top Runner Program. These regulations are being utilized by companies in their efforts to act against environmental problems and differentiate their products. Through ErP Directive Lot 6, the standby power (off mode and standby mode power consumption) of household electrical appliances and OA electronic equipment is regulated and the preparation of a declaration of conformity is required by CE marking. This requirement regulates the standby power to become 1W or less; and starting in 2013, the regulation will be strictly reduced to 0.5W or less. The KPM1000 can accurately measure the standby power even less than 0.5W.

The KPM1000 complies with IEC62301 (the measurement of standby and off mode power in household and office electrical and electronic equipment products) standards, and it is capable to perform the standby power measurements required by ErP Directive Lot 6 and other regulations. System upgrades are also possible. Because of its size, weight, and various type of optional interface (some are factory options), the KPM1000 can be widely used as a beach-top instrument for measuring equipment power and also as a part of component of the test system.

Power measurement and application examples

Measurement with direct input (Less than 20A of DUT)

Measurement with direct input

Measurement using CT (current transformer) and PT (potential transformer) (Exceeds 20A of DUT)

Measurement using CT and PT

Measurement of standby power

Measurements complying with IEC62301 First Edition standards can be performed. It is possible to measure the “standby and off mode power” of the household and office electrical and electronic equipment products required by the standard such as ErP Directive Lot 6.

Measurement of standby power

IEC62301 First Edition measurement application software

SD010-KPM (Standby Power Tester) is a application software to measure standby power complied with IEC62301. This software controls the KPM1000, and setting the test conditions, execution, reporting can be done. You can also control our AC power supplies (PCR-L/LA/LE, PCR-W, PCR-M) via this software.


Values prescribed by ErP Directive Lot 6

The ErP Directive* is a directive that requires ecodesigns (environmentally conscious designs) for energy-related products (ErP). An energy-related product is defined as “a product that does not directly consume energy but affects energy consumption in the stage of usage.” Therefore, the ErP Directive requires ecodesigns not only for electronic and electrical equipment and other products that directly consume energy but for products that indirectly affect energy consumption and reduction (such as windows and equipment that utilizes water). Specifically targeted products and requirements are determined by implementation measures (IMs) for each product field (lot). Environmentally compliant designs and limiting values for energy usage and energy efficiency are established particularly for the purpose of improving energy efficiency.

*DIRECTIVE 2009/125/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 21 October 2009 establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related products

Power consumption of household electrical appliances and office electronic and electrical equipment in standby mode and off mode
(Commission Regulation(EC) No 1275/2008)

Phase 1Phase 2
Date of commencement for
mandatory implementation of
Off mode power consumption1 W or less0.5 W or less
Standby mode power
1 W or less
(2 W or less when information or status is displayed)
0.5 W or less
(1 W or less when information or status is displayed)


High-precision resolution

Voltage range150 V/300 V/Auto range
Current range5 mA/10 mA/20 mA/50 mA/100 mA/200 mA/500 mA/1 A/2 A/5 A/10 A/20 A/Auto range
Power range*750mW/1.5W/3W/6W/7.5W/15W/15W/30W/60W/75W/150W/300W/600W/750W/1.5kW/3kW/6kW
  • * Automatically determined based on voltage/current range combination.

Voltage, current, and power basic accuracy ±(0.1% of reading + 0.1% of range)

Single-phase two-wire (measurement category: CAT II)

Single-phase two-wire

The measurement category is classified into several categories, such as CAT I, CAT II, CAT III, CAT IV, etc. The KPM1000 is capable of ap-plying to the category CAT II measurement.

Line-to-Neutral Voltage V r.m.sMaximum Transient Voltage V peak
Measurement Category II *Measurement Category III *Measurement Category IV *
  • * Measurement categories II, III, and IV apply only to measurements with the main power supply up to an
    AC effective value of 1000 V.

Crest factor 6

Obtaining crest factor 6 realizes to perform high-precision measurements of waveforms having a small effective value but large peak value. *Allowable crestfactor of voltage mesurement is 3.

Crest factor 6

Four-item display

Displays four measurement items simultaneously. Save the trouble from switching the measurement item. High viewability of seven-segment display provides excellent visibility even from distant positions.

17 diverse measurement items

Voltage, Current, Active power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Power factor, Phase angle, Frequency, Integrated current, Integrated power, Integrated power in positive direction, Integrated power in negative direction Integrated elapsed time, Voltage crest factor, Current crest factor, Voltage peak, Current peak

Separate positive and negative measurements of cumulative power

The unit is suitable for measuring power consumption and regeneration of solar power conditioners and other system interconnection inverters.

Separate positive and negative measurements of cumulative power

Display example

Simple operation

The KPM1000 can be operated intuitively without reliance on a manual.

RS232C standard interface

GPIB, USB (factory option)

Utilization of Assist Tool

A handy application software Assist Tool can be down- loaded from the WEB. It makes the operation possible from a PC as you would from the main unit panel. And term periods of data, too.





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