Harmonic/Flicker Analyzer



2,400,000 (税込:2,640,000

  • Supports harmonic and flicker compliance testing of single- phase and three-phase equipment
  • Installed with the latest standards of both harmonic and flicker limits
  • No need for a PC for compliance testing
  • Real-time measurement that gives you a quick grasp of the EUT status
  • Assist function that guides you on standards and technical terms
  • Test reports available in both PDF and text formats

エミッション試験 IEC 61000-3-11(要 フリッカ測定器)
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Harmonic and flicker analyzer compliant with the latest versions of the IEC and JIS standards

単相/三相※ (40A/相) に対応The KHA series is a Harmonic/Flicker analyzer that complies to the standard of IEC/EN and JIS. The KHA3000 applies to the test exceeding 16A of the single-phase and three-phase equipment (up to 40A per phase). Furthermore, the KHA series is compliant with both existing and the latest version of measurement technique standards, so you can simply select the measurements of the latest version of standard including the interharmonics, and for the conventional measurement that applies only the integral multiple harmonics without using any other device. In addition to the real-time display that can be used like an oscilloscope and FFT analyzer, the KHA series offers the real-time judgment of compliance with standards. Using the KHA series alone, you can judge test results and prepare result reports without using a PC. On top of that, you can easily configure the test system combined with the AC power supply (PCR-LE/LE2 Series) and the line impedance network (LIN Series).
*1 The JIS specifies 20A / phase or less. *2 For measurement of 40 A or more phase current, an optional device (external current sensor) is required.

Complied standards

Compliance with the following standards can be tested.

CategoryLimit value standard EditionMeasurement technique standard Edition
Harmonic current
  • IEC 61000-3-2 Ed5.0(2018)
  • EN IEC 61000-3-2(2019)
  • IEC 61000-3-2 Ed3.0(2005)
  • EN 61000-3-2(2006)
  • IEC 61000-3-2 Ed2.2(2004)
  • EN 61000-3-2(2000)/A2(2005)
16A or less
  • IEC 61000-4-7 Ed2.1(2009)
  • EN 61000-4-7(2002)/A1(2009) *1
  • IEC 61000-4-7 Ed2.0(2002)
  • EN 61000-4-7(2002) *1
  • IEC 61000-4-7 Ed1.0(1991)
  • EN 61000-4-7(1993) *2
  • JIS C61000-3-2(2019)
  • JIS C61000-3-2(2005)
20A or less
  • IEC 61000-3-12 Ed2.0(2011)
  • EN 61000-3-12(2011)
  • IEC 61000-3-12 Ed1.0(2004)
  • EN 61000-3-12(2005)
16A or more, 75A or less
Flicker/voltage fluctuation
  • IEC 61000-3-3 Ed3.1(2017)
  • EN 61000-3-3(2013)/A1(2019)
  • IEC 61000-3-3 Ed2.0(2008)
  • EN 61000-3-3(2008)
16A or less
  • IEC 61000-4-15 Ed2.0(2010)
  • EN 61000-4-15(2011)
  • IEC 61000-4-15 Ed1.1(2003)
  • EN 61000-4-15(1998)/A1(2003)
  • IEC 61000-3-11 Ed2.0(2017)
  • EN IEC 61000-3-11(2019)
16A or more, 75A or less

*1 The measuring window width is 0.2 second. In other words, it is 10 cycles at a fundamental frequency of 50Hz and 12 cycles at a fundamental frequency of 60Hz. Interharmonic waves are measured at 5Hz intervals. Harmonic groups are measured out of harmonic waves and interharmonic waves. The values of harmonic groups are the results of measurement.
*2 The measurement window length is 16 cycles at the fundamental frequency. It is 0.32 second at a fundamental frequency of 50Hz and 0.266 second at a fundamental frequency of 60Hz. Interharmonic waves are not measured; only harmonic waves are measured. The values of harmonic waves are the results of measurement.

User-friendly terminals and interfaces

VIEW key
You can change the test conditions with the monitor screen unchanged.
User-friendly terminals and interfaces
KHA Series comes standard with GPIB, RS232C and USB.


Complied with the old and new versions of harmonic measuring instrument standards IEC61000-4-7

Complied with the old and new versions of harmonic measuring instrument standards IEC61000-4-7

To select the standard, your desired combination can be arranged by choosing from the limit value standarad and the testing measurement standard. *It is only a combination made beforehand in KHA1000.

Conducting compliance testing without using a PC

Using this device alone, you can perform a series of test processes – from setting test conditions and running the test to judging test results against limit values and outputting result reports – without the use of a PC. The device displays pass/fail results and spectrum data on the screen in real time. What’s more, since KIKUSUI’s PCR-LE/LE2 Series AC power supply can be controlled from KHA Series, you can set up an easy-to-use test system whereby the operation panel of this device can be used as the main console.

Operation flow using KHA Series - from test condition setting to report printing

Supporting “repeatability” check

Comparison can be made between the present measurement data and the past measurement data to check whether or not the error is within the specified allowable range. This feature is helpful in evaluating the “repeatability” that is required in harmonic compliance testing.

The IEC requirements The measurement repeatability shall be within ±5% of limit value. IEC61000-3-12:The repeatability of the fundamental and 7th and lower harmonic orders shall be within ±5%. The repeatability of the harmonics beyond the 7th harmonic order shall be within ±10% or ±1% of the reference fundamental current, whichever is larger.

Equipped with a quality check function for the testing power supply

KHA Series are equipped with a function to measure the voltage, frequency, peak voltage and distortion rate of the AC power used for harmonic compliance testing in order to check whether or not the power supply is adequate for the intended test.

The IEC requirements IEC61000-3-2The voltage harmonics must be the following values or less. 3rd (0.9%), 5th (0.4%), 7th (0.3%), 9th (0.2%), even harmonic order between 2nd and 10th (0.2%), 11th to 40th (0.1%)
IEC61000-3-12Output voltage and harmonic inclusion rate under no load 5th (1.5%), 3rd and 7th (1.25%), 11th (0.7%), 9th and 13th (0.6%), even harmonic orders between 2nd and 10th (0.4%), 12th and 14th to 40th (0.3%)

Capable of simultaneous measurement of the three-phases *Only Model KHA3000

The long-time flicker value in all segment time, “Plt” is specified to be 2 hours for the flicker monitoring period. For three-phase equipment, measurement can be taken for each phase, but that will take 2 hours x 3 = 6 hours. Simultaneous measurement of three-phases can shorten the measuring (testing) time to 2 hours.

Capable of simultaneous measurement of the three-phases
  • In order to fully cover the EUT input methods, you can set the wiring method (single phase, single phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire and three-phase 4-wire). In addition, for the setting of L1, L2 and L3 (channels), you can select interlock or independent. This allows appropriate measurement for equipment with largely different phase currents.
  • In order to support measurement of each channel for 3 phases, the voltage and current ranges were separated for each channel and AUTO range was established for each. In addition, you can adjust the DC offset for each range with a single touch.

Real-time display & measurement that gives you a quick grasp of the EUT status

List of view types *The screens are examples of KHA3000.

 Harmonic current testFlicker/voltage fluctuation test
Graph display
  • V/I waveforms
  • 2D harmonics
  • 3D harmonics
  • THC
  • Current trend
  • Harmonic current trend
  • Vector phases
    *Only Model KHA3000
  • V/I waveforms
  • rms waveform
  • St (short time flicker value) waveform
  • CPF (cumulative probability) curve
  • dc waveform
  • dmax waveform
  • d (t) > 3.3% waveform
List display
  • List (real-time measured values)
  • Harmonic list
  • Result list
  • Flicker list
  • Result list
  • d measurement (manual switch)

2D harmonics / Flicker list

Easy upgrade when standards are updated (supports the latest standards)

The unit can be easily upgraded from the front panel using a CF card. *Users are requested to prepare CF cards.

Providing all major basic measurements

KHA Series are capable of measuring all major basic items including voltage, current, power, power factor, apparent power, reactive power and frequency. It also provides other measurement functions such as waveform monitoring and measurements of rush current and harmonic current in low frequency zones. These features make KHA Series a convenient routine work tool for development and design processes.

Rush current measurement

KHA Series observes the waveform of the rush current exceeding the trigger level. It can also observe the voltage waveform. KHA3000 can measure a rush current up to 160 Apeak, KHA1000 can measure a rush current up to 80 Apeak. The measuring range can be expanded to a high current by using an optional external current sensor with updating the firmware.

A rush current can be measured while the EUT is connected. This saves you from going through the trouble of preparing an oscilloscope and current probe. Set the input phase angle of the AC power supply using the application software (SD006-KHA, SD005-KHA), and turn on the unit. The rush current can be measured with good reproducibility. The phase angle can be set in the unit of 1°.

Calibration of ISO/IEC17025:
Provided with calibration/data (measuring equipment in use)

In order to meet the customers’ request for traceabity of the calibration of KHA Series for ISO/IEC17025, we have established the “traceability system” as shown in the figure below. (It is used for the production and inspection of KHA1000/3000.) When the “Certificate of traceability with Calibrator Data” is requested, a copy of the “Calibration Certificate” can be also attached as achargeable option. (issued by the organizations shown in yellow in the figure).

  • That KIKUSUI cannot calibrate KHA1000/3000 in compliance with ISO/IEC17025. Thus, the calibration data for KHA Series that can be provided at the moment does not contain of “the Expression of Uncertainty”. A copy of the data that contains of “the Expression of Uncertainty” for the measuring instruments used for calibration can be attached as a chargeable option.
  • If you need data issued by accredited calibration laboratories (with the logos), please contact our sales representatives.
Outline diagram of traceability




system configuration

KHA1000 System Components
For Single-phase/4 kVA, PC Control

For Single-phase/4 kVA, PC Control

Single-phase 2-wire system (4kVA) configuration example


KHA3000 System Components
For Single-phase/8kVA, 3-phase/12kVA, PC Control

For Single-phase/8kVA, 3-phase/12kVA, PC Control

Three-phase operation system (12 kVA) configuration example


*SD006-KHA Ver2.41 or later is required

KHA3000 System Components
For Single-phase 3hree-phase/6kVA, Single-phase 3-wire/4kVA, PC Control

For Single-phase 3hree-phase/6kVA, Single-phase 3-wire/4kVA, PC Control

Single-phase 2-wire (6kVA)/single-phase 3-wire (4kVA)/three-phase system (6kVA) configuration example

*Single-phase 3-wire/4kVA

*SD006-KHA Ver2.41 or later is required

The large current CT (Current Transformer) for the KHA3000

The large current CT (Current Transformer) for the KHA3000

Application example of the combination system with other manufacture’s equipment

Use the terminal “I Monitor” and “V Monitor” on the back of RIN.
*In order to satisfy the voltage drop of 0.5Vrms in the measurement specified in the IEC61000-4-7 Ed2, it is recommended that the wiring between the OUTPUT and the SOURCE terminal of the KHA series must be connected short and use the thick cable as possible (at least thicker than 8mm2, 16mm2 to 22mm2 for measuring more than 16A).

Application example of the combination system with other manufacture's equipment


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