• Up to 50 test conditions can be registered in a test execution list, and tests are carried out in accordance with the list
  • For transient surge testing, up to seven types of pulse modules can be controlled
  • For voltage variations testing, up to four testers can be controlled for synchronous operation by communicating with a single tester
  • Voltage variations test: ISO 7637-2 Pulse 2b, Pulse 4, arbitrary waveform generation, waveform libraries catering to individual auto makers’test requirements (Option)
  • In addition to those compliant with the ISO 7637-2.2004 standard, a variety of waveforms can be generated easily (for voltage variations testing)
  • The created test execution list can be saved in a file along with comments
  • The result of the OK/NG judgment that the user makes at the end of each test can be saved in the execution list
  • The RS232C interface is supported for communication

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Application Software for KES7000


The application software KES7100 for the KES7000 system enables to control the KES7700 series and KES7400A series on the same platform. Test conditions for transient surge tests, voltage variations tests, and tests catering to individual automotive manufacturer’s test requirements can be edited easily by using waveform libraries. Also, the arbitrary waveform generation function makes it possible to create various voltage variation waveforms. Furthermore, KES7100 enables to save user-created reports in CSV files.


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