2,400,000 (税込:2,640,000

  • Six operation modes (CC/CR/CV/CP/CC+CV/CR+CV)
  • Equipped with sequence function (number of programs: 10, number of steps: 256)
  • Up to 5 units can be operated in parallel (6kW/unit, MAX 30kW)
  • Equipped with major interfaces (GPIB, RS232C, and USB) as standard
  • Soft start time can be set.
  • ABC preset memories

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Compact and Environmentally Friendly Regenerative Electronic Loaders for Power Lines

PLZ6000R is a DC electronic load that regenerates load power to the AC line. Regular electronic loads consume load power by having semiconductor devices convert it into heat. By contrast, PLZ6000R converts load power into reusable electric power, rather than converting it into heat as is typically done, and feeds this power to the AC line, thereby substantially reducing the amount of waste energy. PLZ6000R is an environment-friendly electronic load that can contribute significantly to your energy saving efforts.


  • Aging and evaluation testing for DC/DC converters and various types of power supplies
  • Evaluation and durability testing for alternators and motor generators
  • Discharge testing for different types of batteries (lead, lithium, and assembled batteries)
  • Dummy load testing for equipment powered by natural energy (solar cells and wind power generation)
  • Evaluation testing for fuel cells and stacks

[Note] This product is intended for in-plant power generation only. (It does not feed its generated power back to the electric power system.) This product cannot be used unless 5.4kW or more of power is consumed by each power distribution system per one unit.


Power regeneration efficiency of up to 90% (at rated power)

Significantly reduce the environmental impact on the customer's business premises by saving energy.

The use of a proprietary switching technology (patent pending) provides high power regeneration efficiency – from 85 % or more at one-third of rated power (2000 W) to a maximum of 90 % or more. This energy saving feature greatly reduces the electronic load’s environment impact on your plant and it is not necessary to equip special cooling system such as water cooling method to supress the heat generation.

Regenerated power values recognizable at a glance!

Real-time display of regenerative power values on a large LCD

The current regenerated power value is shown in the upper row of the section, while the accumulated regenerated power value is presented in a larger font in the lower row. (The minus (-) sign indicates power regenerated.)

Auto load off timer function

Can automatically turn off the load current, a useful function for discharge testing of batteries, etc.

This function automatically turns off the load current; it is useful for discharge tests of batteries and other devices.

  • Measurement of the time elapsed from the start of discharge until the final voltage (UVP) is detected (elapsed time display)
  • Measurement of the closed circuit voltage after the specified time elapses from the start of discharge (auto load off timer)

Parallel operation supporting up to 30 kW

A large-capacity system of up to 30 kW can be built using a parallel connection configuration with one control unit. (The system may consist of up to five units – one master unit and four slave units.)

Sequence function

Sequence function

This function automatically executes arbitrarily set sequence patterns step by step (operation by operation). It enables various types of waveforms to be simulated. (A maximum of 10 programs can be created, each consisting of up to 256 steps. Operation modes, ranges, loop counts, etc. can be specif ied in these programs.)

ABC preset memories

Three preset memories A, B, and C are provided to store and read up to three different combinations of an operation mode, a range, and set values.

Equipped with major interfaces

GPIB, RS232C, and USB interfaces are equipped as standard, making it easy to integrate the electronic load into a variety of testing systems. Support for these interfaces, coupled with the sequence function, allows you to build diverse types of system. (The SCPI commands are adopted.)


TOS6200A 外形寸法図


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