280,000 (税込:308,000

  • Full-Load Current of 100 A at 0.3 V!Possible to operate as low as 50 mV of the input voltage(PLZ334WL)
  • Realize the fast slew rate of 50 A/μs at 2.3 V of the load input terminal voltage. (Rise/Fall time conversion: Approx. 2 μs)
  • Current setting resolution: 50 μA [L range] (PLZ334WL)
  • 6 operation modes (CC, CR, CV, CP, CC+CV, CR + CV)
  • Equipped with Sequence function and Switching function
  • Elapsed Time Display function and Auto Load-Off Timer function are convenient for the discharge tests of batteries
  • Available for input voltage range 100 Vac to 240 Vac
  • Equipped with various types of protection circuits:
    Over Voltage Protection(OVP), Over Current Protection(OCP),Over Power Protection(OPP), Over Heat Protection(OHP),Under Voltage Protection(UVP), And Reverse Connection Protection(REV)
  • Optional Low Inductance cables are available exclusively for PLZ-4WL series
  • GPIB/RS232C/USB are standard interface

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