270,000 (税込:297,000

  • Four different power ratings – 165 W, 330 W, 660 W, and 1000 W – five models in total
  • Support of 0-V input (PLZ164WA and PLZ664WA)
  • High-speed response supporting a maximum slew rate of 16 A/µs (equivalent to 10 µs when converted to a rise time)
  • Support of constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, constant power, constant current + constant voltage, and constant resistance + constant voltage modes
  • Timer functions combined with time/voltage measurement functions enable battery discharge characteristic evaluations.
  • Booster units provide increased system capacity (PLZ1004W).
  • Features sequence and switching functions.
  • Provided with GPIB, RS232C, and USB 2.0 ports as standard.

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