PLZ13004W LP

PLZ13004W LP

4,560,000 (税込:5,016,000

  • Capacities range from 5kW to 13kW, 2 types (SR/LP), 6 models in total
  • Optimized design with dedicated parts. All assembly, distribution, calibration, etc. are completed before delivery, so the system can be put into operation immediately.
  • The size of the Smart Rack (SR) is one of the smallest in the industry as a multifunctional, high-speed response type electronic load!
  • The load pack (LP, 9kW/11kW) can be additionally equipped with a booster! (*Installation and adjustment are done by us)
  • AC power supply is 90V to 250V automatic switching, 15A or less. No special wiring work is required.
  • Guaranteed specifications for large capacity as well as small capacity inputs (test data included as standard).
  • Digital interface (USB/RS-232C/GPIB) standard equipment
  • Controllable by sequence creation and control software “Wavy”
  • Load input terminal section with maximum consideration for safety (prevention of electric shock)
  • Load cable for high current is available as an option.

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