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AC Electronic Load



680,000 (税込:748,000

  • Crest factor function
    Equipped with crest factor function that facilitates performing load tests for peak or harmonic currents Crest factor value can be set from 1.4 to 4.0
  • As master-slave control, up to 4 slave units can be connected in parallel. (Maximum 5 kW, 50 Arms)
  • Equipped with tracking operation function
    Same setting value as that of master unit will be set on slave unit. It is convenient as a single-phase 3-wire or three-phase 3-wire AC source load

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For load test of inverters or transformers used for Fuel Cell, UPS, or Solar power generation

The PCZ1000A is an AC electronic load that enables you to perform the load simulation for various inverters* and transformers. In addition to the resistive loads generally used in tests, it is capable of simulating capacitorinput rectifier loads. The PCZ1000A supports input up to 1000 W and is equipped with 3 operation modes, Constant Current, Constant Resistance, and Constant Power. The current waveform resembles to sine wave can be output constantly without effect by voltage waveform at each mode. Moreover, the PCZ1000A is equipped with Crest Factor function suited to simulating current load test for switching power supply. This PCZ1000A provides improved operationality through CPU control and enables external control and read-back via RS232C interface.*When the invertor circuit is used as the input source of this product, depending on the invertor waveform, it may cause a malfunction of the normal operation.*Never connect the load input terminals to the AC power line directly.

Parallel operation expands the load capacity (Up to 5 units can be operated in parallel Max. 5 kW, 50 Arms)

Parallel operation expands the load capacity

One Control Parallel Operation Multiple PCZ1000A units can be connected in parallel to increase current capacity and power capacity, with one unit as the master and up to four other identical units as slaves. In parallel operation, one unit becomes the master unit and controls all of the slave units.

Supports single-phase 3-wire method, 3-phase 3-wire method (Equipped with tracking operation function)

Connection example with single-phase 3-wire AC power supply
Connection example with single-phase 3-wire AC power supply

Connection example with 3-phase 3-wire AC power supply
Connection example with 3-phase 3-wire AC power supply

The same value as the master unit is set in the slave unit, and when the master unit’s setting value is changed, the slave unit changes at the same time. This is useful as a load for single-phase 3-wire and 3-phase 3-wire AC power supplies, etc.

Crest Factor Function [1.4 to 4.0]

Facilitating load tests for peak or harmonic currents helps reduce design and labor time and cost as well as improve the quality of the unit under test.

Crest factor function

Use as a simulated load for a power conditioner grid connection test system.

Use as a simulated load for a power conditioner grid connection test system.


Input ratingOperating voltageVrms14 to 280
Vpeak20 to 400
Maximum currentArms10
Maximum powerW1000
FrequencyHz45 to 65
Constant current modeSetting rangeArms0 to 10
Setting resolutionmA rms10
Constant resistance modeSetting rangeH range (full current at 10 V)1Ω to 1kΩ
1S to 1mS *
L range (full current at 100 V)10Ω to 10kΩ
0.1S to 0.1mS*
Constant power modeSetting rangeW50 to 1000
Input powerVoltage rangeVrms90 to 110 / 108 to 132 / 180 to 220 / 216 to 250
Power consumptionApprox.VA220
Crest factor functionSetting range1.4 to 4.0

*S represents unit of conductance (siemens)
Conductance[S]=1 / Resistance value[Ω]
Conductance[S]× Input voltage[V]=Load current[A]


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