What is myKIKUSUI?


What is myKIKUSUI?

The official website of Kikusui Electronics “myKIKUSUI” is a service that allows you to use Kikusui products and useful contents. MyKIKUSUI is a service that provides access to Kikusui products and useful content. myKIKUSUI is open to companies and staff who use Kikusui products, as well as companies and students who are considering the introduction of Kikusui products.

Main services of myKIKUSUI

  • KIKUSUI Webinars
    Participate in regular Kikusui webinars and view past webinars.
  • Download manuals
    Receive a password to download Kikusui product instruction manuals. You can also download instruction manuals for products released in the past.
  • Product Bookmarks
    Register the products you are using or considering in my library for easy access.
  • E-mail magazine delivery
    We will send you useful information by e-mail, including useful information, market trends, and convenient ways to use our products.
  • Contents for members
    We send out special content that appears only on the myKIKUSUI page.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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