PCR-WE/WE2 & WEA/WEA2 – IVI-COM Multi-Environment Drivers


IVI-COM Multi-Environment Drivers

An IVI-COM multi-environment instrument driver compliant with the IVI specifications. Compatible with Microsoft Office VBA, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.NET. And because an IVI-C driver is bundled, it is possible to use it easily in LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI.



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  • 8(x86/x64)
  • 10(x86/x64)


  • To use IVI-COM instrument drivers, a VISA Library that supports VISA COM.
    *IVI Shared Components(Minimal IVI Version 2.3)
  • We recommend using one of the VISA Libraries supporting VISA COM shown below. (Mind that multiple versions of VISA cannot be installed at a time.)
    • NI-VISA 5.1.0 or later
    • Keysight IO Libraries Suite 16.0 or later
    • KI-VISA 5.0.5 or later
  • When using 32bit OS, the x86 edition of the instrument driver can only be installed.
  • When using 64bit OS, both x64x86 editions of the instrument driver must be installed independently as your need.


Common Library / Documents

VISA Libraries
IVI Instrument Driver Programming Guide

  • 2024-06-25 README
    			**** Read Me First ****
    Apr 18, 2022
    KikusuiPcrwe IVI Driver for KIKUSUI PCR-WE series AC Power Supply
    Supported Instruments
      System Requirements: The driver installation will check for the
      following requirements.  If not found, the installer will either
      abort, warn, or install the required component as appropriate.
      Supported Operating Systems:
        Windows 8
        Windows 8.1
        Windows 10
      Shared Components
        Before this driver can be installed, your computer must already
        have the IVI Shared Components installed.
        Minimal IVI Version: 2.2.0
        The IVI Shared Components installer is available from: 
        Any compliant implementation is acceptable. Typically, VISA-COM is
        installed with VISA and other I/O library modules. 
    Additional Setup
      .NET Framework
        The .NET Framework itself is not required by this driver. If you
        plan to use the driver with .NET, the minimal .NET framework version is 2.0.
      The .NET Framework requires an interop assembly for a COM
      server. A Primary Interop Assembly, along with an XML file for
      IntelliSense is installed with the driver. The driver's PIA, along
      with IVI PIAs are installed, by default, in:
      :Program FilesIVI FoundationIVIBinPrimary Interop Assemblies
      The PIA is also installed into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) if
      you have the .NET framework installed.
    Help File
      The help file (KikusuiPcrwe.chm) is located in the directory:
       :Program FilesIVI FoundationIVIDriverskipcrwe
    Revision History
      Version     Date         Notes
      -------   ------------   -----   May 19, 2016  Initial registration and prototype   Apr 20, 2020  Initial public release   Sep 14, 2020  Modify Initial failures   Apr 18, 2022  Add PCR-WEA series to supported models
    IVI Compliance
    IVI-COM/IVI-C IviACPwr Specific Instrument Driver
    IVI Instrument Class: IviACPwr
    IviACPwrBase                    yes 
    IviACPwrArbWaveform             no 
    IviACPwrCurrentProtection       yes 
    IviACPwrCurrentRamp             no 
    IviACPwrDCGeneration            no 
    IviACPwrExternalSync            yes 
    IviACPwrFrequencyRamp           no 
    IviACPwrImpedance               yes 
    IviACPwrMeasurement             no 
    IviACPwrPhase                   no 
    IviACPwrVoltageProtection       yes 
    IviACPwrVoltageRamp             no 
    Optional Features: 
    Interchangeability Checking     no
    State Caching                   no
    Coercion Recording              no
    Driver Identification: 
    Vendor:                         Kikusui
    Description:                    PCR-WE series AC Power Supply
    Revision:                       1.2.2
    Component Identifier:           KikusuiPcrwe
    Hardware Information:
    Instrument Manufacturer:        Kikusui
    Supported Instrument Models:    PCR1000WE,PCR2000WE,PCR3000WE2,PCR6000WE2,PCR6000WE2R,PCR12000WE2,PCR12000WE2R,PCR18000WE2,PCR18000WE2R,PCR24000WE2,PCR24000WE2R,PCR30000WE2,PCR30000WE2R,PCR36000WE2,PCR36000WE2R,PCR1000WEA,PCR3000WEA2,PCR6000WEA2,PCR6000WEA2R,PCR12000WEA2,PCR12000WEA2R,PCR18000WEA2,PCR18000WEA2R,PCR24000WEA2,PCR24000WEA2R,PCR30000WEA2,PCR30000WEA2R,PCR36000WEA2,PCR36000WEA2R
    Supported Bus Interfaces:       LAN, USB, Serial
    32-bit Software Information:
    Supported Operating Systems:    Windows 8/8.1/10
    Support Software Required:      VISA
    Source Code Availability:       Source code included with driver.
    64-bit Software Information:
    Supported Operating Systems:    Windows 8/8.1/10
    Support Software Required:      VISA
    Source Code Availability:       Source code included with driver.

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