PCR (LA/W/L) Series – LabWindows/CVI Driver


LabWindows/CVI Driver

Instrument driver for use with LabWindows/CVI


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  • Win2k (x86, SP4 + Update Rollup 1)
  • WinXP (x86, SP2 or later)
  • Vista (x86/x64)
  • 7(x86/x64)
  • GPIB/RS-232C


  • To use this drivers, a VISA Library that supports VISA COM.
  • We recommend using one of the VISA Libraries supporting VISA COM shown below. (Mind that multiple versions of VISA cannot be installed at a time.)
    • NI-VISA 5.0 or later
    • Agilent IO Libraries Suite 16.0 or later
    • KI-VISA 5.0.0 or later
  • When using 32bit OS, the x86 edition of the instrument driver can only be installed.
  • When using 64bit OS, both x64x86 editions of the instrument driver must be installed independently as your need. (WOW64) edition.
  • When using this driver from other than LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI environment, National Instruments LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine 2010 or later must be installed.


Common Library / Documents

VISA Libraries

  • 2024-06-18 README
    [kipcrl LabWindows/CVi Instrument Driver] README
    Last Update 22/MAR/2012
    Supported Instruments
    Kikusui PCR-L/LA/W series AC Power Supply (mono-phase only)
    System Requirement
    This instrument driver requires the following operating environment.
    Supported Operating Systems:
      Windows 2000 (x86, SP4)
      Windows XP (x86, SP2 or later)
      Windows Vista (x86/x64)
      Windows 7 (x86/x64)
    Internet Explorer:
      Internet Explorer 7.0 or later is required.
      VISA Library that complies with VISA specification 5.0 or later with
      VISA COM software. Actually NI-VISA 5.0 or later, Agilent IO Libraries
      Suite 16 or later, or KI-VISA 5.0.0 or later is recommended.
      If you connect your instruments through the GPIB interface, you must 
      prepare the GPIB board and its driver, which are supported by the VISA
      library that you use.
      If you connect your instruments through the RS232 interface, you do not
      have to install any additional software.
    Revision History
    0.3	Mar/2000 BETA VERSION
    1.0  	Aug/2000 First Release
    1.0.1  	Jul/2005 (what was changed is unknown)
    1.1.1  	Mar/2012 kipcrl_SeqEdit() [ms] time precision fixed, LabVIEW wrapper is deleted
    Note for LabVIEW users
    As the LabVIEW wrapper module is no longer included in this driver package, 
    you need generate the wrapper by yourself using "Instrument Driver Import Wizard".
    This wizard tool is a part of LabVIEW and it can be invoked from the following menu:
    Tools | Instrumentation | Import LabWindows/CVI Instrument Driver...
    This menu will launch "Instrument Driver Import Wizard 2.0".
    By using it, you can convert the "kipcrl.fp" to LabVIEW wrapper VIs.
    The kipcrl.fp file will be found in the IVI's standard directory such as:
    C:/Program Files/IVI Foundation/IVI/Drivers/kipcrl, or
    C:/Program Files (x86)/IVI Foundation/IVI/Drivers/kipcrl
    Driver Info
    Driver Specification:
    Driver Revision:		1.1.1
    Driver Vendor:			Kikusui
    Component Identifier:		kipcrl
    Description:			AC Power Supply
    Hardware Information:
    Instrument Manufacturer:	Kikusui
    Supported Instrument Models:	all PCR-L/LA/W series
    Supported Bus Interface:	GPIB, Serial
    Software Information:
    Support Software Required:	VISA Library SPEC 5.0, LabWindows/CVI Runtime Engine 2010
    VisaCom Library			Not required
    IVI Shared Components		Not required
    Source Code Availability:	Available as a CVI project (last built with CVI 2010)
    (c)2012 Kikusui Electronics Corp. All rights reserved.

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